Are you having trouble getting the file downloaded? This download is similar to downloading a new version of Adobe Flash or Reader. Once you download it you must install it, so please follow these steps.

Please Note: The steps may vary depending on the Web Browser program you are using, ie.. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or others. It seems like a lot of steps but the Windows Computer is trying to protect you from installing a program that may harm your computer. This file will not harm your computer so the instructions help you get past all the many warnings which can be confusing.

  1. After clicking the download file you want to pick Run. The file downloaded is a program that will install a number of files on your computer.
  2. Newer versions of the Browser like to be safe and help you not run a program that may try to install a virus on your computer, this is not the case here so pick Actions.
  3. Again it is trying to protect you, but in this case we really want to run the program, pick More Options
  4. Next pick Run Anyway.
  5. Finally the program has started, it will next tell you what the files you are downloading are for just so you know they are correct. Pick OK to continue with the installation.
  6. The next screen will ask you to tell the program where you want the files placed on your computer. The default location is not a good choice so we need to change it so you will be able to find the files. Pick Browse and pick a directory.
  1. Scroll through the list of folders, pick My Documents or Desktop, just so you know where to find the files on your computer. After picking a location click on OK.
  2. Click on Unzip to extract the files from the downloaded program. The files will be placed in a directory BCHOSawCertInstructor and this directory will be place where you told it to be placed in the step above.
  3. Once the progress bar completes the files are now on your computer for you to view and to use.
  4. The files have been installed on you computer, click OK and next Close the WinZip Self-Extractor program window. If you want to extract the files to a different directory just run it again any time.
  5. Now you can open the directory BCHOSawCertInstructor and double click on the file ReadMeFirst.html. See step 7 above for the location of the BCHOSawCertInstructor directory.