Thank you for your interest in advertising in the Highline Newsletter. The Highline is a newsletter printed tri-annually; April 15, June 15 and November 1. It is circulated to all BCHO members statewide, the offices of USFS, BLM, NPS, other BCHO and BCHA organizations, and all advertisers. The Highline will be included on the BCHO webpage. Advertisers will not have an exclusive ad or specific location in the newsletter.Ads will be edited only for spelling and format to be consistent with other ads or content.

Here are the details on how to submit ads in the Highline Newsletters, thanks again for your intrest in advertising with us.

The Highline Newsletter

Ad SizeSize of AdRate per YearRate per Issue
Full Page8″ X 10.5″$300$125
Half Page Vertical4″ X 10.5″$200$85
Half Page Horizontal8″ X 2.25″$200$85
Quarter Page4″ X 5.25″$150$65
Business Card3.5″ X 2″$100$45


Please have your ad designed and pre-sized to the above sizes. Please submit any ads or photos in PDF format. We have scanning capabilities so photos may be included with your ad. Ads and photos are black and white. Your ad will run in the issue following receipt of your ad copy and payment.

At time of order make payment in full to: BCHO, C/O Chris Worden, 23121 Sprague River Rd., Sprague River, OR 97639. For more info please call or email, BCHO Newsletter Advertising Chairman, Chris Worden, 541-591-0967 e-mail address,