Forming a BCHO chapter is not difficult; however, there are a number of requirements. First, those interested in creating an organization must subscribe to the objectives and the purposes of the Back Country Horsemen of Oregon who is an approved State Organization of Back Country Horsemen of America. See Requirements to become a BCHA Organization, Those purposes do not preclude other interests, but a saddle club that may take an occasional trail ride is not a BCHO organization.

Chapters may be formed in any area of the State of Oregon, by interested members or persons of that area, by submitting to the State BCHO Office; a list of current interested BCHO members, a list of new members, together with their current BCHO annual dues, the proposed name of the new chapter, a list of it’s officers, and it’s proposed constitution, (a sample of BCHO Chapter approved constitution will be provided). A Chapter may incorporate, subject to the laws and regulations of the State of Oregon. Chapters may be formed with the name “ _______________ Chapter of the Back Country Horsemen of Oregon”

All persons who subscribe to the purposes and objectives of BCHO by application and payment of current annual dues will become a member of BCHO. Membership may be Individual, Family, Patron, Benefactor, or Sustaining.As a member, you are also a member of Back Country Horsemen of America, a portion of your BCHO dues pays your BCHA dues.

For more details please contact our President at president@bcho.org.