Non-equestrians Occupying Horse Camping Sites Survey

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The survey is now closed. It ran from Jan. 14th, 2019 to Feb. 15th, 2020. We had over 3,400 responded to our questions. We want to thank everyone who participated in our survey. Please feel free to use the report as you need. For questions please email

Both Back Country Horsemen of Oregon (BCHO) and Oregon Equestrian Trails (OET) are in the process of collecting information related to the use of Oregon’s horse camps by non-equestrian users.

This data is being collected to help determine to what extent Non-equestrians are occupying Horse camps, and the effect on Equestrians wishing to utilize these Horse camping sites.  A Horse camping site is any camping site that is designed to accommodate the inclusion of Equines, i.e., tie rails, hi-lines, tie-stalls, box stalls, corrals on Public Lands.

Please click the button to begin taking the 24 question survey. If you have any questions about the survey please contact Rhonda Marquis, at . Thanks for taking the time to take the survey.

Also, we are asking members to share the link to the survey to their facebook page or email it to a friend. Please click on one of the share icons at the top.